• 200ml Cream
  • 200ml Milk
  • 6 Egg yolks
  • 40ml Sugar
  • 80g Yam
  • 40ml Double Lion Flavoured Concentrate Yam

For topping

  • 3 tbsp sugar


  1. Steam yam till soft then mashed it
  2. In a sauce pot, heat milk and cream for 5 minutes on low heat.
  3. In a mixing bowl, whisk egg yolks and sugar till fluffy then add in warm milk mixture and stir well. Stir in mashed yam.
  4. Pour mixture into ramekins and skim out bubbles on top
  5. Place ramekins onto a tray or large baking pan and pour water into the tray till it comes halfway up the ramekins.
  6. Bake in an oven at 170ºC using the top and bottom heat for 40-50 minutes.
  7. Once done, chill in fridge overnight. Remove from fridge 30 minutes prior to browning sugar on top
  8. Sprinkle sugar on top and using a blow torch, blow torch sugar till it is melted.